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Investment Management

Our general investment approach has been developed as the result of analysis of decades of market data and dozens of market cycles. Over time, we have developed certain guiding principles that we believe offer the best opportunity to achieve long-term performance necessary to build wealth.

1. Risk & Reward Management

We do not believe in "buy and hold" approach to investing in the stock market. This presents risks of extreme losses that can take years to recover from. Rather, we manage our exposure to equities based on technical analysis, while maintaining flexibility to move money into bonds and/or cash as deemed necessary. Sometimes, the best offense is a good defense.


2. Supply & Demand

Supply and demand are ultimately what moves prices in the stock market. We don't look to predict where the market is going, but rather we look to be proactive and make intelligent decisions based on what the market appears to be doing. 

3. Momentum

An object in motion tends to stay in motion. This is true in physics, and, to a significant degree, in the financial markets as well. A key component to our approach is to be seek to be congruent with the intermediate to long term momentum of the stock market when positive.

4. Concentration

As Warren Buffett said, "diversification may preserve wealth, but concentration builds wealth". Generally speaking, our strategies are designed to be somewhat concentrated by style, sector, and number of holdings. 

5. Long Term

Our objective is not to capture every move in the financial markets, or trend in every industry. Our focus is in executing our researched processes in order to deliver the competitive long-term returns that will help our clients achieve their financial goals.  


 Our Strategies

Our investment strategies offer exposure to actively managed portfolios consisting of exchange-traded funds. By design, our strategies may be highly concentrated by both sector exposure and number of holdings. As analysis identifies heightened levels of long-term risk in the stock market, our equity strategies may allocate, either partially or entirely, to short-term bond funds. Our strategies maintain the objective of delivering competitive risk-adjusted returns over a 3-5+ year timeframe. 

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