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A true financial plan is about more than just numbers. Sure, crunching the numbers will offer the organization and strategy to efficiently build and maintain wealth. But the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are positioned for sustained financial success brings freedom to devote more time to your family, career, and passions. 

Our process begins with gaining an understanding of what your financial goals are, what success in those areas looks like to you, and what is important to you. From there, we work to develop a comprehensive plan to help you maximize your resources and allow your money to facilitate the life you want to live.

Retirement Planning

Cash Flow Analysis

Tax Planning

Education Funding



A portfolio investment strategy is truly the engine that drives the financial plan. Often, it is the variable that can make the biggest impact in one's long-term financial picture, through either risk management or capital appreciation. 

Because of this, we utilize an active management approach to investing. Rather than being bound to a predefined equity and sector allocation, our strategies allow us to increase or decrease equity exposure as market conditions dictate, with the objective of delivering competitive risk-adjusted returns over a 3-5+ year timeframe. 

Tactical Allocation

Risk Management

Managed Approach

Investment Policy Statement

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Planning for the present and future care of a loved one with special needs - alongside your own retirement and financial independence - can be a challenging and emotionally overwhelming process. As a Chartered Special Needs Consultant (ChSNC®) and a special needs parent, we understand this from both a financial and a personal perspective.

In developing financial strategies to meet these needs, we must consider things like the coordination of any government benefits available, the use of special needs trusts and ABLE accounts, and tax credits that may be available as a result of expenses associated with the care of a special needs loved one. 

Special Needs Trusts

ABLE Accounts

Estate Planning

Coordination of Benefits



Life insurance is often a foundational piece of an overall financial plan. Without the proper coverage, those with others depending on their income could be left financially vulnerable.  

Conducting a comprehensive life insurance needs analysis is paramount in this process. This includes not only the death benefit need, but also any protection that could be added with living benefit riders. From there, we can examine the different types of policies available and find the best solution to meet our clients needs. 

Insurance Needs Analysis

Wealth Transfer

Living Benefits

Supplemental Retirement Plan

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